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About us

Making Lives Better

At Forrest Private Wealth, we help clients build wealth, achieve financial freedom, and gain peace of mind. As a privately owned Perth financial advice and wealth management business, we implement proven strategies.

Founded on the principle of making lives better, our experienced team of financial planners in Perth aim to understand your current situation and long-term goals. Our services provided include asset management, investment advice, financial planning, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, and more.

We take pride in understanding your priorities and working together to grow, protect, and enjoy your wealth.

Our Services

What We do

Our business was founded on one simple principal – make lives better.


Privately Owned Perth Financial Advisors

Forrest Private Wealth are financial planners in Perth and is independently owned. Being an independently owned financial planner, we are not controlled by a larger entity that limits financial product availability to its own financial products. That means we are focused on providing clients with the tailored financial advice and investment selection they need based on individual circumstances.

At Forrest Private Wealth, we understand that every client is different. We pride ourselves on being a certified financial advisor who works with a wide range of different clients. Whether you are at the beginning of your wealth management journey or you would like a one-time piece of investment advice, Forrest Private Wealth can assist you no matter the size or scope of the financial advice.

Our news

Financial Planning News

Covering a wide range of topics including budgets, superannuation, investment strategy and more. Our team of Perth financial planners will keep you up to date with the latest news, strategies, investment commentaries and investment portfolio performance.

May 2024

At Forrest Private Wealth, our investment philosophy underpins our financial planning advice, which ensures our client’s wealth benefits from long-term exposure to equity markets. We …
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Make the Most of Your End of Financial Year Contributions!

We hope you’re doing well and gearing up for the end of the financial year! As June 30 approaches, it’s the perfect time to ensure …
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Experts in Financial Planning in Perth

Forrest Private Wealth boasts a long history of certified financial planner experience with a combined over 60 years of expertise in the financial planning industry. As a Perth financial planner, we work with individuals, families, family offices and businesses across Australia, effectively implementing plans to reach client’s financial goals. Forrest Private Wealth specialises in a range of financial services including financial planning, retirement planning, investment advice, estate planning, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long have the Forrest Private Wealth team been financial planners?

The team of financial planners in Perth have been in the industry for a combined 55 years, highlighting the vast knowledge that Forrest Private Wealth has in the financial services industry.

Do the Perth Financial Planner team at Forrest Private Wealth provide personalised financial advice?

Of course, we do! The team of financial planners create a plan that is tailored to you, ensuring you are on the right path towards financial freedom.

What is the difference between wealth management and financial planning?

Wealth management involves managing and growing a client’s assets. Financial planning services are broader in that it addresses analysing, goal setting, and creating a plan to achieve the set goals as well as monitoring your financial plan to ensure you’re on track to achieve the retirement you want.

What is the difference between investment advice and financial planning?

Investment advice involves providing strategies and recommendations specific investments or a group of investments. Financial planning encompasses more topics of finance including budgeting, retirement planning, and more.

Is financial planning only for older individuals?

No, Forrest’s team of Perth financial planners works with individuals of all ages. We tailor our financial advice to where you are in your journey. This could be wealth accumulation, transition to retirement or deep into retirement. Beginning your financial planning journey early allows you to establish good financial habits that can lead to greater financial stability in the future.

Can financial planners help with tax planning?

Yes, we can guide you through tax planning strategies that can optimise your tax situation. Forrest Private Wealth also works with tax professionals such as One Click Life, to provide tax assistance.

Are financial planning services only for wealthy individuals?

No, financial planning services are not exclusive to wealthy individuals. Our team of Perth financial planners cater to individuals and families throughout their financial journeys, regardless of their level of wealth.

What services does Forrest Private Wealth offer?

Forrest Private Wealth offers a range of financial services including financial planning, retirement planning, asset management, investment advice, insurance, and estate planning.

What education does a financial planner need?

Financial Planners in Perth require a minimum bachelor’s degree (AQF7 level) or equivalent in an approved field of study.

Do the Forrest Private Wealth financial planners Perth all have the necessary education requirements?

The Perth Financial Planner team at Forrest Private Wealth all comply with the qualification standards required.