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What we do

Financial Planning

Financial planning is about your big picture. We understand your current situation and long-term goals. By aligning with your priorities, we help you make informed decisions and craft a financial plan to reach your goals. Our proven strategy empowers you, following a methodical process.

We continually adapt your investments to market trends and the changing circumstances within your financial plan. Our team of financial planners in Perth will build your financial plan specific to your circumstances.

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Our Process

How We Help You

Our Process

We put you in control of your financial future by following a consistent, specific and methodical process of getting to know you, analysing the options you have available and developing a strategy that connects the dots between your financial decisions and what’s important to you.

Before We Meet

Once you’ve booked for your first appointment we’ll send you an email confirming the date and time of our meeting, including detail of what you need to bring, as well as a short form questionnaire.


You will be introduced to your financial planner who will focus their time asking questions on your current situation, why you came to see us, understand what’s important to you and where you want to be. Your first appointment may take between 60 and 90 minutes. No financial advice is provided during this session and it does not cost you anything.


After your meeting, you will receive an email summarising our understanding of your wants, needs, objectives and financials, complete with our terms of engagement and fee. This will cover the cost to prepare your written advice and implement our recommendations.

Information Collection

Once we’ve obtained agreement from you we set about formulating a strategy and prepare your initial advice. Where agreed, and required, we may obtain information from third party providers to ensure our recommendations are based on complete and up to date information. We may also reach back out to you for additional discussion or meeting to obtain further information during this process.

Financial Plan Overview

To ensure you understand and are comfortable with the recommendations we have made, your financial planner will step you through a financial plan overview highlighting where you are now and where you are likely to be. This advice is ultimately presented in the form of a financial planning document known as a Statement of Advice. This is a comprehensive document outlining your situation and our recommended strategy.


Once your confident with our recommendations, our team will commence on the implementation of our advice encompassing your objectives, cashflow requirements, investment planning, asset protection and retirement. Full implementation may involve additional meetings or dialogue with us and 3rd party providers, for example, insurance companies.

Ongoing Advice

Life is not static. Just think of your situation 5 years ago and compare it today. Whether it’s a simple check in on your investment accounts or an analysis of your financial plan and position, we’ll arrange regular catch ups to ensure you’re on track. And of course, between contact, you will have confidence your investment mix is adjusted as markets or your circumstances warrant.

Ongoing Engagement

We’re here to help you grow, protect, and enjoy your wealth. Ongoing engagement keeps us updated and ensures our advice aligns with your evolving needs. Regular communication is key to bouncing ideas, strategizing, and resolving issues, empowering you to live life on your terms.

As an ongoing advice client of Forrest Private Wealth, you’ll enjoy:

  • Direct access to your financial planner and team
  • Timely, aligned advice to keep you on track
  • Continuous portfolio management
  • A reliable sounding board
  • Comfort, peace of mind, simplicity, and time.

For us, advice is more than money

We simplify your life, guiding you towards smarter decisions and focusing on what truly matters. As your trusted confidante, we work closely with you, removing worries and doubts, and ultimately making your life better.


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