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Investment Advice

Our investment approach is guided by a core philosophy focused on long-term, diversified investments with a strong emphasis on income. We prioritize staying true to this philosophy to ensure a steady and growing income stream for our clients. We believe in investing in quality companies with a focus on cash generation and low financial risk, reducing the likelihood of capital depletion. By remaining committed to our strategy and looking beyond short-term fluctuations, we aim to maximize long-term returns and build portfolios less dependent on capital growth for future income needs.

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Investment Beliefs

Productive Enterprise is King

Companies reward investors with their share of the sales and profits of their underlying productive enterprise. Continual progress made through innovation and technology, as well as the productivity, ambition and determination of other humans, is what underpins share markets. Share markets ultimately reflect the endeavours of the human race. Over the long-term investing in growing, innovative and productive companies offers the best chance of achieving investment returns that exceed inflation.

Company earnings grow faster than inflation

Over the long term, by increasing prices, reducing costs and creating new products or services, profitable companies usually manage to increase their earnings faster than inflation.  And from these growing earnings, many pay increasing dividends to shareholders.

Active adds value

Markets are not perfectly efficient because humans are not perfectly rational. Skilled active investment can add value relative to passive benchmarks (eg ASX200, S&P 500) over the long term.

Entrepreneurial investors

Smaller, nimble investment managers with “skin in the game” are well placed to exploit opportunities versus larger players. We will invest in smaller companies and emerging managers because we believe that backing talented people and businesses early can lead to excess returns in the long run.

Appropriate measure of risk

Our job is to help you build savings that can not only provide for your long-term needs but also be passed on to the next generation. We work with you to determine your ideal investment capacity.

Discipline is key

Period. Ignoring the noise, not overacting to inevitable short-term market movements and importantly, not being placed in a position where you have to exit (investment capacity), is crucial to investment success. Staying true to your investment strategy through thick and thin helps avoid the mistakes many unsuccessful investors suffer when letting their emotions take control.

Execution matters

Investment switches and rebalances should not be predicated on when you’re able to see us or how long it takes to return paperwork. Markets are dynamic and can change quickly. Ensuring we have the correct structures and systems in place to efficiently implement change promotes succinct alignment of client portfolios to our current views.

Investment costs are important

But net return is what counts. Investment fee calculators favour the compounding effect higher fees have on an eventual balance at the expense of net return and opportunity cost. Different market conditions favour different investment solutions and whilst cost competitiveness is important it should never come at the expense of net return

For us, advice is more than money

We simplify your life, guiding you towards smarter decisions and focusing on what truly matters. As your trusted confidante, we work closely with you, removing worries and doubts, and ultimately making your life better.


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