Investment Philosophy

Our investment advice and decision making is guided by our core investment philosophy and beliefs. This ensures at all times, as stewards of capital, we stay focused on the bigger picture.

Investment Philosophy

Providing advice and facilitating investment go hand in hand. While advice is the most valuable role we play in the lives of our clients’, a major part of what we do ultimately involves the investment of money.

We strongly believe long term investment in a diversified portfolio of predominantly dividend paying businesses plays a crucial role in underpinning overall portfolio return. Income is what matters. Over time, as company profits grow, dividend payments increase, providing investors access to a growing income stream. Concentrating investment in quality companies or trusts that focus on strong cash generation and low financial risk we believe reduces the probability of drawing down capital over time and hence maintain the integrity of the asset base.

The ability to stay the course and see proper strategies through has become more difficult in a world increasingly focused on short term results. Our philosophy, and approach, looks past this. By doing so, allocated capital can stay invested for longer, cycle through market volatility and importantly, continue to access the boring, predictable and increasing income streams share markets provide. A side benefit is shares in these businesses increase in value (share price) because the company is more profitable.

We believe the consistent and disciplined application of this asset management approach enhances the opportunity to achieve superior returns in the longer term to ultimately develop a portfolio less reliant on capital growth to fund our clients’ future income needs.

Investment Beliefs

  • Share markets work. They provide an emotionless exchange where companies can raise capital and investors can buy and sell existing businesses. The share market is a very important component to our investment advice strategy.

  • Productive enterprise is king. Companies reward investors with their share of the sales and profits of its underlying productive enterprise. Continual progress made through innovation and technology, as well as the productivity, ambition and determination of other humans, is what underpins share markets. Share markets ultimately reflect the endeavors of the human race.

  • Company earnings grow faster than inflation. Over the long term, by increasing prices, reducing costs and creating new products or services, profitable companies usually manage to increase their earnings faster than inflation. And from these growing earnings, many pay increasing dividends to shareholders.

  • Discipline is key. Period. Ignoring the noise, not overacting to inevitable short-term market movements and importantly, not being placed in a position where you have to exit, is crucial to investment success. Staying true to your investment advice strategy through thick and thin helps avoid the mistakes many unsuccessful investors suffer when letting their emotions take control.

  • Execution matters. Investment switches and rebalances should not be predicated on when you’re able to see us or how long it takes to return paperwork. Markets are dynamic and can change quickly. Ensuring we have the correct structures and systems in place to efficiently implement change promotes succinct alignment of client portfolios to our current views and investment advice.

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