Kirsty Baker

Kirsty Baker

Planning Assistant

Kirsty became a valuable member of the Forrest Private Wealth team in 2021, taking on the role of Planning Assistant. Her entry into the financial planning world was marked by a seamless transition, owing to her prior experience and extensive knowledge in the field.

Before joining Forrest Private Wealth, Kirsty had already established herself as a proficient professional in the financial planning industry. Her background not only demonstrates her dedication but also showcases her commitment to continually enhance her expertise.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kirsty leads a fulfilling personal life. She is an ardent enthusiast of the culinary arts, frequently indulging in the pleasures of dining out at diverse establishments. Kirsty also highly values her relationships and cherishes quality time spent with her family and close friends.

Kirsty’s multifaceted nature, blending her career aspirations with her love for good food and meaningful connections, makes her a well-rounded individual, enriching both her professional and personal spheres.

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