Do I Need a Financial Planner?

By Forrest Private Wealth

If you have been asking yourself the question ‘do I need a financial planner’? then read on. A financial planner can be helpful no matter what stage of life you are at. Whether you are a high earner looking to grow your wealth through smarter investments, a couple about to start a family, approaching retirement or already retired, there is much value to add from engaging a financial planner.

A recent survey from revealed people who use a financial planner are twice as likely to have their finances allow them the things they want to do and enjoy life. This is a very compelling statistic – we all want to have enough wealth to enjoy a great lifestyle and have holidays too. So, are financial planners worth it? In a word, yes. The study also found that the most important benefits reported from using a financial planner include:
– improved financial outcomes
– growth of savings
– defining and achieving financial goals
– saving time

Many people engage with a financial planner if their current level of wealth is not increasing. With rising costs and increasing lifespans, people want to know their money will last as long as they do. This is a valid concern and as important as the plan is knowing whether you are on track to achieve it. Top financial planners will ensure you have the peace of mind of actually knowing you are on track.

At Forrest Private Wealth, we make understanding your goals our priority and will keep you on track to get there. Whether providing advice on retirement planning or investments, our goal is to uncomplicate the complicated and help you to make smarter financial decisions. We work hard to understand you, find out what’s really important to you and formulate a path to get you there – ultimately making your life better.

Choosing a financial planner is an important decision and the level of service and personalisation differs between wealth management businesses. The financial planners should have strong financial backgrounds with relevant education and experience.
At Forrest Private Wealth:
– we are honest and open about our fees and services
– we understand your goals as priority
– we talk in a way a client can understand
– we have vast experience (over 60 years combined) and a proven track record of success
– we know how important regular contact is to ensure you are on track
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When is a financial planner not suitable?
A financial planner is not the right person to engage if you are on an incredibly tight budget with little money to invest. Also, if you have a lot of consumer debt you should prioritise paying this off before engaging a financial planner.


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