Meet Our Perth Financial Planner Team

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Meet Our Perth Financial Planner Team

Forrest Private Wealth is a certified financial advisor and financial planner in Perth that is run and owned by a team with a combined over 60 years of experience as financial planners in Perth. Our team are not just financial professionals, they work closely with clients to advise them through their life’s financial journey.

Peter Stevens

Director & Financial Planner

Mark Waller


Michael Bower

Senior Financial Planner

Jerry Lin

Senior Financial Planner

Kirsty Baker

PLanning AssiStant

Tammy Hart

PLanning AssiStant

Forrest Private Wealth is based in Perth, Western Australia. Located in the suburb of Subiaco, the Financial Planning team love working with clients who are interested in comprehensive financial planning and asset management. The Forrest Private Wealth financial planning team aim to make their clients better through the provision of financial advice and counsel.

The team developed a set of core values in how Forrest Private Wealth operates that drive decision making. These values are embedded in the business.

Our Shared Values


We care about the advice solutions we provide and we are passionate about what they enable. We thrive on providing and implementing great financial planning advice for our clients.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. To go above and beyond is minimum standard.


Investing our client’s money and advising on their financial planning affairs comes with great responsibility. At all times we hold ourselves accountable for the advice we provide.


We work collaboratively to deliver great outcomes for our clients.


We take pride helping our clients plan their financial futures and take great joy seeing our clients celebrate their achievements.


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