Taylor Financial Planning (Taylor Financial Planners Pty Ltd)

By Forrest Private Wealth

Taylor Financial Planning (Taylor Financial Planners Pty Ltd) became Forrest Private Wealth in January 2017. The business is still located at 57 Forrest Street, Subiaco and the phone number is still 9382 1866

Taylor Financial Planners specialised in providing advice and strategies to help build their client’s wealth and minimise risk. They took a proactive approach to advising on the investment sectors, fund managers and shares. Founder of Taylor Financial Planning, Graeme Taylor, specialised in all aspects of investment including property, shares and managed funds, tax, super and retirement planning as well as estate planning.

There was a natural alignment between Taylor Financial Planning and Forrest Private Wealth as both businesses shared a proactive approach to financial planning. The team at Forrest Private Wealth are highly experienced in the same areas; asset management, investment advice, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning and more.

Peter Stevens, Director and Financial Planner at Forrest Private Wealth says: “It’s been great getting to know Graeme’s clients and understanding their needs and goals. We look forward to helping them continue to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth.”

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