Happy Holidays from Forrest Private Wealth

By Forrest Private Wealth

With a whole heart (but not yet Christmas belly), I would like to wish you the very best of holiday wishes and again continue to thank you for your support and loyalty in an ever-changing environment that continues to throw up challenges and opportunities.

I am not the only one to think about where this year went. Whether vocation, education or lifestyle, 2023 was a year in full throttle. The pace of change, and more notably, digital advancement and adoption, has seen an overdrive of information and how we communicate it, symphonise into a perfect storm of data overload. At times, it is frustrating. But in the main a gift.  

Just look at the way we send our Annual Advice Service Agreements. Like last year, it is delivered in two forms – an email from us via Adobe Sign, titled Annual Advice Service Agreements, and a second email from Macquarie Wrap, titled Advice Fee Deduction Consent. Both modes of agreement must be signed to continue with our advice and service and the future adjustments to our advice and management of your wealth and investment recommendations. Whilst still a large piece for our two office weapons, Tammy Hart and Kirsty Baker, to administer, I tremble at the thought of going back to paper form to prepare, print, sign, return, scan, upload (or, if you remember, fax) and follow up. Thank you for helping us go digital with this process. I know at times it can come with a bit of frustration with your phone, computer, or even us (!), but remember we are always here to help. And a big shout out to Tammy and Kirsty for managing this process – I know, whether this or any other matter, many of you have spent time with them throughout the year, and I take great pride in hearing how they’ve assisted you. They certainly love dealing with and hearing what you are up to, as do we all.

And we will continue to deliver new and informative ways to provide our services to you. The last few years have seen video calls, digital signatures, and screen shares the norm. In 2024 we will be trialling recorded calls and pieces of advice. The aim here is to make engagement with us clear, concise and effective – an outcome not always achievable in a traditional Statement of Advice document. Of course, in anything we do, your experience, or CX, as it’s known in tech land 😉 is at the very centre of everything we do. Your feedback is always welcome. Please continue to reach out and let us know your experience, how we can improve further, or what we are doing right. We will continue to keep getting better. Any feedback is a gift.

in closing, I thank you once more for continuing to entrust us to deliver financial peace of mind to you – it is a privilege to help you map and achieve your goals and objectives. Financial planning derives its most significant value from a deep relationship between a planner and Client. Thank you for your honesty and at times, robust discussion. It is an honour to serve you.

On behalf of all the staff at Forrest Private Wealth, thank you for your continued support throughout the year.  We wish you a safe, joyful, and inspired Christmas with a New Year full of new horizons, vitality, and optimism. We look forward to working with you in partnership through 2024. Merry Christmas. 

New Year Back on Deck
With Christmas holidays now in full swing, we remind you of our opening hours in 2024. 

Back on Deck: Monday January 8th: 8:00 am-4.30 pm

After-hours monitoring is still in place if you require immediate assistance during the Christmas period. Don’t hesitate to contact Peter StevensMichael Bower or Jerry Lin directly if you need urgent support.

Changing jobs, want to see if you can retire earlier, plan on moving, or are the kids finally moving out? Please reach out. We would love to hear about these changes and see if your current plan needs to be updated.

Got 15? Lock in a quick virtual coffee with Jerry, Michael, or myself


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