Insights on the Russian Ukranian Crisis

By Forrest Private Wealth

At Forrest Private Wealth we receive a lot of commentary about current events that are impacting the market. Given the recent market volatility and the impacts of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine we felt it was important to address how this conflict may continue to impact the market.

Staying on top of current news and impacts to the market is important. It is important to know and understand why markets are moving. That said it is important to invest in high quality businesses that will continue to outperform through the various cycles that are presented.

We stand firm that ups and downs are all part of investing and the importance of not overreacting to inevitable short-term market movements. Not being placed in a position where you need to exit is the secret to truly capturing the long-term returns share markets provide and the distributions and dividends they continue to pay. We see no different here.

This piece was written by SG Hiscock and provides a good insight into the deepening conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its effect on markets.


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